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Don't wait months for them to show up, call them over with a personal invitation they will understand immediately!

Just play these professionally recorded food calls near your new feeder to let birds know where to go!

Much faster than eyesight alone, sound can tell birds about your feeder from 20 times further away than without sound.

Tufted Titmice love sunflower seeds. Just set up a sunflower seed feeder and play dinnersong brand bird calls near the feeder to call the cute grey rascals to your back yard buffet.

The story of Dinnersong! Brand bird calls...

When you set up a new bird feeder, it can take birds weeks or even months to find all the new bird seed you have lovingly put out for them for dinner.

Years ago, I had set up bird feeders all around my house and I waited as long as a year for the really cool birds like Goldfinches to come and dine on the buffet I'd put out.

But after that year, I enjoyed a Goldfinch bonanza every day. It was so cool watching the cute canary like yellow birds with all their bickering, playing, acrobatic flying and continuous singing.

But then I had to move, and I simply did not want to wait a year all over again to have my daily Goldfinch Fix.

So I recorded them whenever they'd come to the feeder and try to call their friends to come.

Then I moved.

I put up the thistle feeders for Goldfinches, and waited. Nothing happened.

Then I played my goldfinch recordings out the window... it 3 days, but they finally came!

Then they left. They didn't come back for months. I figured that whatever calls I played were not perfect for the Goldfinches.

So I set out to figure out what the right calls were. I went and bought a $2500 Telinga parabolic mic and an expensive DAT recorder so i could get really high quality recordings of Goldfinches calling their friends to eat.

I got a lot of recordings for the next 6-8 months. but many of them had lawn mowers, leaf blowers, cars, planes, trains, and you just couldn't imagine what other annoying human sounds there were too.

So I spent a total of 2 years, trial and error, learning not only what the perfect Goldfinch food calls were, but also the food calls for several other species.

I have edited those down to what calls the birds the fastest and also tells them there is food.

these are not mating calls, nor are they alert calls, nor are they territorial warnings.

they are pure food calls. these are the calls that will get birds to come to your back yard as fast as possible. If they hear these recordings, they will come, expecting to eat. So don't tease the birds by trying to call them without first setting up a feeder!

Let me know how dinnersong has worked for you! or just message me with your questions or suggestions, for example, maybe you'd like to know what trees to plant to get more of each kind of bird.

-Dave Kliman

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